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A. Executive SummaryMicVender Logistics Ltd is a business entity established in October 2005. It is representative of a group businesses coming together for profit, expansion and for social development. MicVender Logistics Ltd is aiming at capturing commanding heights of prominent businesses in Ghana without competing against members’ business interest.B. Mission Statement & Vision MicVender Logistics Ltd is a brand name associated with total cargo logistics, petrochemical marketing and distribution, business advisory, warehousing, waste management, vehicle parts sales, travel & tours. Our company is there to assist business people, both local and international to do business, interact, visit, sign contractual agreements, etc. Our business perceives itself in the forefront of leading a liberalized oil market, business and financial security for mutual benefits.This idea was motivated about the realization that businesses cannot develop in isolation. One business needs the other business in order to be in business. So, we developed an umbrella business called MicVender Logistics Ltd which embraces all the business interests that could work together and for one another to save costs of doing business by giving premium charging members less for intra-trade sales and services in so doing improving the profit margin of members’ businesses without incurring a personal loss. C. Goals and Objectives of the BusinessWith our new direction and vision for growth and expansion, we have decided to reduce business activities to only three – i.e., Total Cargo Logistics, Petrochemical Marketing and Distribution, and Vehicle Parts Sales and Distribution. D. Business ProposalIn due time, we are going to give you our revised business plan duly target at what we want to do with your manufacturing industry.Our collective interest in your products and the prospect of the oil market in Ghana are more than encouraging. We have done business with Paraffin Lubricants, Dubai, Aktas Group of Companies, and Petrofer Ltd, all in Turkey. But high prices affected market for their brands in Ghana. A good petroleum oil, with attractive brand name, packaging and colour mix that could have a market appeal, is what we want to give our customers and we believe sincerely that your products will sell very well at the first time and beyond provided:1. Your prices would be competitive enough, in the sense that the Ghanaian market like others is price driven;2. That the product quality would be good enough to give the consuming public in Ghana the needed satisfaction, and that would likely result in repeated sales, market expansion and brand leadership.With the foregoing, we will send three representatives of our company to your country if necessary, to tour your industrial facilities, engage in business discussions, sign Memorandum of Understanding, and carry along some notable oil samples and marketing materials for a definite market survey and market assurance in Ghana. Meanwhile, the following about the petroleum oil market in Ghana are revealing:1. That the market prospects for these oils are very high: SAE 15W-40, 5W-30, 20W-50, SAE 50, and Automatic Transmission Fluid Dextron II, III and Gearbox oil. We are however prepared to expand the type range of oils we can afford to market much wider. We are prepared to explore the market for heavy industrial and agricultural equipment, machineries and aviation oils. Prices and any other information on these are urgently needed for our corporate decision-making.2. Our next decisions for sure would be based on your prices, the quantities you are prepared to supply and a favourable terms of payment. Terms of payment and periods of such money transfers will be negotiated as part of the Memorandum of Understanding.We have the following as Directors of Micvender Logistics Ltd:1. Mr. Lawrence Kwami Gomado – Chairman2. Mr. Michael Atsu Davies – Director of Operation and Business Development3. Mr. Dela Gomado – Director of Finance4. Mr. Robert Kofi Abban Jr. – Accountant5. Mrs. Mercy Atsupi Attipoe – Executive SecretaryMichael Atsu Davies(Director of Operation and Business Development)MicVender Logistics LimitedYellow House GCAA Main AirportG.P.O. Box 1526, Accra-GhanaTel:+233-235065382Mob: +233-243065382/+233244226782Email:info@micvenderlogistics.comwww.micvenderlogistics.com


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